Custom Design Work

We have been at this for 43 years.

We know where the bodies are buried. Custom Glass and Acrylic are available and we would to happy to work with you on design and design samples.

Once a design has been approved, pricing for the products will be provided. You will need to plan ahead in this area. It would not be uncommon for a custom order to take a couple of months from drawing board, to a sample, to a finished order. 

When a figure is needed, in today’s world a custom resin is probably the way to go. We can generate artfiles from just about anything you can provide us with. Working with the mold makers is kind of exciting because you can make changes to the model and then see the finished clay mold before a sample is made up for your final approval.

Wood Shapes can be made to order and then customized per your instructions.

Medallions in all shapes, sizes and colors can be ordered.

Custom Trophies can be accomplished at your request. You lay it out and we’ll provide you with a solution.

Signage is available is a wide range of materials both in-door and outdoor.